HVAC UV Light Installation – Our service includes a UV light with a 3-year bulb warranty.

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UV-C Light systems for home HVAC systems (your furnace and air-conditioners air handling components) will provide three specific benefits.

The specific light spectrum UV-C refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths which are used for disinfecting water, sterilizing surfaces, destroying harmful microorganisms in food products and in the immediate air space.

The first benefit is the efficiency of our heating and cooling system.

UV-C light is the air handling section of your HVAC system eliminates and prevents the buildup of organic material on the surfaces of the air conditioning cooling coils, drain pans, and interior duct surfaces. This improves airflow and returns or maintains the heat-transfer levels of the cooling coils which reduces unexpected breakdowns and maintenance.

The second benefit is the improvement in indoor air quality.

UV-C light eliminates organic material on surfaces of the air conditioning cooling coils and interior surfaces of the ducts which helps improve indoor air quality by reducing pathogens and odors. Residents report improved productivity, reduced sickness with boosts in comfort level.

The third benefit is economic.

The impact that UV-C has on mechanical systems include reductions in energy consumption, energy cost, and carbon footprint. Residents have less hot/cold complaints and experience a more uniform heating and cooling throughout their home.  Additionally, breakdown repairs and maintenance actions are also reduced. On average, UV-C light installations slash 10 percent to 25 percent of total HVAC energy use.

 UV Lighting for HVAC Systems

Light in the UV-C wavelength eliminates and/or prevents the buildup of organic material on the surfaces of cooling coils, drain pans, and interior duct surfaces. This improves airflow, returns and maintains the heat-transfer levels of cooling coils to “as-built” conditions and reduces maintenance.

The benefits of UV-C’s efficacy in inactivating pathogens are explored in two ASHRAE Position Documents.  The documents find that the UV-C wavelength kills 90 percent of all microorganisms living on HVAC air ducts and evaporator coils, depending on light intensity, length of exposure, UV lamp placement and lamp life cycle.  Moreover, UV-C continues to destroy pathogens 24/7/365, as air cycles through an air handling unit (AHU).

UV-C’s ability to decontaminate the air flowing through a building’s HVAC system can be most beneficial where communicable diseases are more common, such as office buildings, schools, healthcare settings, municipal offices, etc. An improperly maintained HVAC system in these environments can promote disease transmission as it recirculates those same germs throughout the building. Conversely, installing UV lamps, with their ability to kill all known microorganisms, can prevent disease transmission and/or cross contamination.

In addition to improving indoor air quality, UV-C can yield other HVAC UV light benefits when installed in a building’s air handler including maximizing HVAC system efficiency, thereby reducing energy use and costs. source

UV Light Installation

We are experts in installing and maintaining UV-C lights for your HVAC system. Our UV-C light  system comes with a 3-year bulb warranty.

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