Certified Aersoseal air duct sealing DealerWe are proud to be a Certified Aeroseal air duct sealing dealer serving the Akron Ohio area.

Heating ducts which have openings or small gaps will allow excessive amounts of dust, pollen, and harmful allergens into your home.

Aeroseal air duct sealing will resolve these problems by closing those gaps in your home’s air ducts to ensure your family is breathing in clean air.

Remember, you can see a water leak but an air leak is invisible to the naked eye.

Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing From The Inside

The product vendor states that the benefit of sealing your air ducts from the inside is that it is the only way to find all those tiny gaps and leaks.

Sealing ductwork used to be a huge hassle – messy mastic paste and tape that never seem to really do the job right.

With Aeroseal, you can enjoy all the benefits of duct sealing without the mess:
1. Increase Your Comfort
2. Lower Energy Consumption
3. Improve Air Quality
4. Pre & Post Leakage Measurements!

Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing Improves Efficiency

Energy efficiency study chart by a major newspaper

The New York Times reported that the single greatest opportunity for energy savings is to seal your air ducts.

So, from an energy standpoint, sealing your duct work is the best home improvement you can make.

Aeroseal air duct sealing has also been shown to dramatically improve comfort and homeowner satisfaction with their heating and cooling systems and can reduce duct leakage by up to 90% while reducing your energy use by up to 30%.

In fact, the top heating and cooling issued solved with Aeroseal Home Duct Sealing is the alleviation of hot and cold rooms or high temperature differences between upstairs vs downstairs living areas.

The majority of buildings that suffer from these issues are because of leaky duct work not delivering the heated or cooled air where it was meant to go.

We fix that!
Call us today at 330-923-1333 to learn more about Aeroseal air duct sealing

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