Priding Ourselves on Quality, Honesty, and Integrity.

We are a second- generation family business, started in 1968 by Charles Beckwith, a mechanical engineer, as Comfort Home.
The starting philosophy – to provide quality service, be honest with customers, and show integrity in all actions – remains today as the company has grown to more than 17 employees. Click here to learn more about our reliable technicians.

Meet The Beckwiths

Bruce Beckwith, President of Beckwith Heating & Cooling

Bruce Beckwith

Bruce Beckwith is the President and Owner of Beckwith Heating and Cooling Inc. and has been in the business since 1978 when he began with his father. Bruce and his father worked together to provide HVAC service under the name Comfort Home until 1990 when they renamed it Beckwith Heating and Cooling Inc. and his father retired. Bruce is constantly furthering his education to provide customers with the best service possible.

Bruce loves camping, traveling, and spending time with his family. He has been married for over 26 years to his wife, Janette. They have 5 children and one grandchild; with the oldest daughter and granddaughter living in Alabama. Bruce would like to be remembered as a fair, compassionate and honest person who enjoys helping people.

Janette Beckwith

Janette Beckwith
Janette Beckwith was a Preschool teacher for more than 15 years and an elementary teacher for 11 years. She holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. When she retired from teaching to stay at home and raise the kids, she began working for Beckwith Heating and Cooling.

Janette has been married to her husband, Bruce, since 1992. They have 3 girls and 2 boys as well as one granddaughter. Janette loves to spend time with her family and enjoys traveling. She coached many of the sports teams her kids were a part of when they were younger. She has 6 brothers and sisters who live in Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. She loves to visit them as well as her daughter and granddaughter in Alabama whenever she gets the chance.

Adam Beckwith

Adam Beckwith

Adam Beckwith has been in the Heating and Cooling business for about 6 years. His most valuable asset to the job is his ability to work through problems and his mechanical abilities. He graduated in 2017 with an Associate’s degree in Heating, Cooling, and Refrigerant.

Some of Adams interests include fishing, swimming, camping, hunting, and riding ATVs. He enjoys spending his free time working on cars, trucks, ATVs and anything else with an engine. Adam spends his weekends in the summer sitting around campfires with friends or camping and riding ATVs.

Natalie Beckwith

Natalie Beckwith

Natalie Beckwith holds a bachelor’s degree in Education. She has been working for Beckwith Heating and Cooling since she graduated in May 2017, with the exception of 3 months spent working on a Disney Cruise ship.

Natalie loves to travel and has camped 44 of the 50 United States. She also loves spending time with her family. Her dream is to travel to England (and the rest of Europe) with her family to learn more about where her grandmother grew up. She loves animals and has 2 Maltese.

Meet Our Fantastic HVAC Technicians

Mike Biltz

Mike Biltz

Mike Biltz has been an employee at Beckwith Heating & Cooling Inc. 4 years but has worked in the industry for 25 years. He went to school for heating and cooling in the early 90s. His most valuable asset to the company is that he has a knack for tracing wires.

Mike has always lived in Ohio and never plans to live anywhere else. He owns cats and cows and loves to be outdoors. His perfect vacation would include staying home and slowing down. Mike would like to be remembered as someone who helps others. He has a great interest in machines and engines.

Theodore (Ted) Brophy

Theodore (Ted) Brophy

Ted Brophy began his career when he attended North High School HVAC vocational program. He started with Beckwith about 6 years ago and has been in the HVAC business for about 11 years. Ted is universally certified for CFC’s and OSHA safety. He has also attended a variety of classes pertaining to equipment installation. Ted always has a high-quality work ethic and a constant positive attitude.

Ted spends his free time running around with his children. He has been married for 4 years and has 2 boys and 1 girl. His hobbies include listening to music, clay/target shooting, and anything to do with cars. Ted’s perfect vacation would be sitting in a cabin in the middle of the woods with his family. He would like people to remember him as a helpful caring person.

Dave Koch

Dave Koch

David Koch has been in the HVAC business 40 years and has been employed by Beckwith for the last 14 years. He graduated from McKim Tech Institute in 1976. Through the years, he has received numerous certificates for classes/ courses taken in HVAC, including heat pumps and geo-thermal. He has also been NATE certified in A/C and heat pumps. Dave approaches his job in a way which allow customers to feel that they have been dealt with professionally and all problems have been resolved.

His passion is old cars. He enjoys attending car shows, swap meets, and working on his 1968 Buick Station Wagon. Something most people don’t know is that he grew up ice skating and was a pretty good skater in High School, although he hasn’t been on skates since then.

Shane Marthey

DJ Conley

DJ Conley attended Portage Lakes Career center. He holds a universal CFC license as well as OHSA 10 certification. He has been an employee with Beckwith Heating and Cooling Inc. for about 4 years. He has a high energy personality, a positive attitude and mood in any situation and is dedicated to getting the job done.

DJ was born in Arizona. Some of his hobbies and interests include shooting guns and riding four-wheelers. One goal he has is to become a lead installer within the company. DJ has always wanted to go skydiving. His perfect vacation would be at a house right on the beach

Justin Morris

Justin Morris

Justin Morris has been in the HVAC business for 18 years and has been with Beckwith for 12 of those years. He has a deep knowledge of boilers and has attended classes for them. He has serviced and installed boilers throughout his career. Justin also holds a certification for mini splits and a universal EPA card. He has training in Unico systems as well as geothermal installation.

Justin has been married for 14 years and has 3 children; 2 daughters aged 11 and 9, and a 6-year-old son. 3 Words that describe Justin are trustworthy, reliable, and helpful. Justin is most proud of his kids and loves spending time with them. His perfect vacation would be in the mountains hiking. When he was younger he wanted to be a teacher and coach and is currently coaching several teams that his children play on.

Dave Whitehouse

Dave Whitehouse

David Whitehouse has been working in the heating and cooling industry for 34 years and began with Beckwith Heating & Cooling Inc. 8 years ago. He holds an HVAC certification from McKim Tech Institute as well as a heat pump certification 20 years ago. Dave’s communication skills allow him to connect with customers easily.

Dave admires Sidney Poitier because he is a great actor. You can usually find him sleeping in on the weekends.

Mark Young

Mark Young

Mark Young has an eye for detail, fabrication of sheet metal, organization, and ability to see design problems. He has been an employee for Beckwith Heating and Cooling for 8 years and has taken many classes to learn more about HVAC. Some of the classes he has completed include: Universal CFC, Daiken Mini-split repair, airflow and duct design, Unico design of install, Goodman/Amana install classes, and Bryant install classes.

Mark has been married for 6 years and has a dog named Doug. His perfect vacation would be a spent fishing at the beach in the Outer Banks. His friends would describe him as patient, motivated, and inventive. Some of his hobbies include NFAA and IBO Archery, automotive repair and customization, and shooting sports.

Mark Young

Shawn Frazier

Shawn Frazier is an honest and hard-working individual. He has been with Beckwith Heating & Cooling for almost a year and has previous experience in a variety of mechanical/technical positions.

Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He admires his parents for their strength and love for their family as well as their work ethic. Shawn enjoys spending time outdoors and would love to visit Iceland someday. He would like to be remembered as an honest, hardworking, helpful and kind person.

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Nancy Kuenzig

Nancy Kuenzig has been an employee at Beckwith Heating and Cooling for 3 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Nancy had experience in accounting and secretarial duties. She is highly organized, efficient, and detail oriented.

Nancy would like people to remember her as a kind, compassionate and caring individual. One thing she has always wanted to do is travel to Switzerland to visit her grandfather’s village. Her dream vacation is sight-seeing at a leisurely pace. She has been married to her husband, Kurt, for 30 years and they have one cat named Roxie. Her personal motto is “care for others with nothing expected in return.”

Mark Young

Kris Gengler

Kris Gengler has been in secretarial positions for years. She is a quick learner and team player making her an asset to our office team.

Kris has been married for about 16 years. They have a Dog (Lily), a cat (Frankie) and recently added a new kitten to the family (Gizmo). Her personal motto is “Enjoy every day because tomorrow is not promised.” Kris spend her free time reading, playing softball, bowling on a league, making Jewelry, gardening and riding on her husband’s motorcycle. Kris and her husband enjoy visits to the National Parks as well as spending time with family and friends. Kris would love to take her husband to New Zealand to show him her favorite places from when she was there.

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