Here are our best HVAC maintenance tips.

HVAC maintenance tipsIn decades of serving our community, we’ve seen pretty much anything that can go wrong with a homes heating and cooling components.

Our experience is your gain as our technicians can quickly diagnose precisely what’s wrong with your equipment.

There are two things are technicians will check when they arrive that you can do yourself and possibly avoid a visit charge.

Here are some of the most common HVAC problems we find when troubleshooting:

  1.  Check To See If You Have Dirty or Clogged Filters – The most important thing you can do to keep your heating and cooling system in good operating shape is to change your furnace filters regularly. Dirty filters restrict air flow. This means your furnace has to work harder to circulate air throughout your home. This puts unnecessary strain on your equipment and may result in a breakdown. It also will cause excessive utility bills and diminished equipment life. Change filters at least every three months. If you have a pet or suffer from allergies you should change them monthly. Furnace Filters are cheap. Did you know that you can buy a whole years supply for less than the cost of a single service call!
  2. Check The Batteries In Your Thermostat – The thermostat regulates when cooled or heated air is to be produced and how much. Smart thermostats act as little computers that can be programmed to set for different temperatures at different times of the day. This helps reduce heating and cooling costs as the setting can be set depending on whether you are at home or work. Some people even adjust the system’s temperatures settings while they sleep. Whether you have an automated or manual thermostat, problems can develop that lead to a disruption in the system’s performance. Many thermostats are powered by batteries, and one of the first things you can do before calling us is to check whether the batteries need replacing. Modern thermostats give a readout warning when batteries get low and some will even beep.

If these two items don’t fix the problem call us so we can check for mechanical wear and tear.

Your home’s HVAC system is made up of complicated components with a variety of inter-dependent moving parts, including belts, bearings, fans and motors. Over time all of these components are subject to normal wear and tear. They will breakdown or wear out over time.

We Hope Our HVAC Maintenance Tips Prevents UnExpected Breakdowns

The best way to assure that your HVAC system functions during the most extreme weather is to have your unit serviced regularly – at least twice a year.

Give us a call today and ask about our economical heating and cooling maintenance programs which include full system inspections and maintenance.